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the infinite garden

the ‘outside-in’ garden by architects meir lobaton corona and ulli heckmann, is conceived as a visual paradox for the 22nd international garden festival of chamont sur loire, france – a device that enhances conditions in order to make the audience realize how by relying only on sight, they rely on imagination.

Urban Nomad Redux

Compact, efficient and optionally mobile, micro-dwellings have been around for some time. As the the „less is more“ lifestyle is gaining momentum, they are making bigger waves nowadays and it’s exciting to see people actually build their own, like this replica of a 50-year-old design constructed by Glasgow School of Art student Alex Farmer, who based it on architect Ken Issac’s original 8-foot Microhouse concept from the 1960s.

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From the Library: No Waste

Design isn’t always about showrooms and industry idols. Beautiful objects show up wherever there’s ingenuity and an appreciation of aesthetics. High or low, you either get it or you don’t. Of all the books on the always-relevant topic, „Pentagram Papers #32: No Waste“ perhaps gets closest to the heart of what good design on a dime means.