Schlagwort: photo project

Family Face Mashup Photography

Think you don’t look like anyone in your family? French-Canadian photographer Ulric Collette might just be able to prove you wrong. Collette created mashups in which he takes photographs of two family members, edits half of each face and creates one seamless portrait. He calls it the “Genetic Portraits” series.

Mother/Daughter: Francine, 56 & Catherine, 23

Dennis Manarchy

A world renowned photographer has spent over ten years building a 35-foot long camera by hand. Dennis Manarchy has constructed the first-of-its-kind camera to travel around America and photograph the faces and history of vanishing U.S. cultures in their natural environments.

Chinese Sex Toy Factory

An unromantic yet fascinating peek behind the curtain of the global adult novelty economy, just in time for Valentine’s Day! For many of you lonely hearts, this is where tonight’s date came from. WARNING: Even though these are the least sexy photos you could imagine, they’re still slightly NSFW.

Masks on Photography Served

Depending on the place where we are and who we spend, we assume a mask. Mask Project is a cycle of self-portraits. Man assimilated to the surrounding environment which is a kind of self-preservation, or quite conscious autocreation. In this project, the author introduced the idea of himself if he was „the owner of the masks.“